AutoCAD 2007 - 3D
Welcome to AutoCAD 2007 3D !

We will let these 32 completely free CADclips do the talking for us on this one. I know you will enjoy the show !

As an autocad instructor of about 15 years I would like to say ‘Thank you Autodesk’. Teaching 3D, is now a welcomed pleasure.

This latest version of autocad has broken the mold on ‘ease of use’ and raised the ‘coolness’ factor by 5 times.

New Fly Thru, Walk Thru, Animation Recorder, Motion Pictures, Palettes, Dashboard, DUCS, Workspaces, Shape Grips, Pushpull, Visual Styles, Jittered Edges, Materials, Lights, Rendering, Surface Tools, Boolean Operations, Loft, Sweep... the list is too long to mention.
Free CADclips
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