REVIT 2014 – Linking Models and Copy Monitor Elements
This Core Training Series Teaches you how to Copy and Monitor Elements from Linked Models. Good Information that can be Applied to Any Discipline of REVIT.

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  • Lesson 1: Start a New Project and Link in the Structural Model
  • Lesson 2: Copy Monitor the Stuctural Levels
  • Lesson 3: Create New Floor Plan Views
  • Lesson 4: Copy Monitor Grid Lines
  • Lesson 5: Visibility Graphics Overrides for Linked Nested Levels and View Templates
  • Lesson 6: Visibility Graphics Overrides for Linked Nested Grids and Copy and Paste Dimensions
  • Lesson 7: Create New Ceiling Plans, Selection Filters and Copy Paste Dimensions
  • Lesson 8: Relocate the Structural Model and Reload the Link
  • Lesson 9: Modify Structural Model and Use Corrdination Review to Resolve Issues
  • Lesson 10: Copy Monitor Multiple Columns and Options
  • Lesson 11: Copy Monitor Floors and Options