REVIT 2015 – Massing
Learn the Fundamentals of using Massing with REVIT 2015.

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  • Lesson 1: Using the correct template and reference planes
  • Lesson 2: Create a new profile, level and form with height and parameters
  • Lesson 3: Xray mode to add new profiles and modify nodes
  • Lesson 4: Load mass into project add levels, mass floors and get areas
  • Lesson 5: Schedule mass floor areas and perimeter lengths
  • Lesson 6: Curtain system by mass faces
  • Lesson 7: Conceptual mass the base building
  • Lesson 8: Create a void mass with parameters
  • Lesson 9: Load mass into project, add walls, floors, roof then update to face
  • Lesson 10: Change conceptual mass and reload then update elements to faces
  • Lesson 11: Inplace mass with walls, floors roof, curtain system then update to face