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This web page offers Free REVIT Video Training Tutorials along with some Special Deals.


Free REVIT Videos - Custom Beam Families

REVIT comes installed with many beam families. The best way to create a custom beam family is to use an existing beam family and rename it. There are also predetermined Beam Family template files at your disposal.

In this tutorial series (amongst other things) we learn how to nest ‘profile’ families and parameters three levels deep to facilitate our project beam outcome. This ‘nested profile’ lesson on it’s own is extremely valuable and transcends to other REVIT family applications far beyond just beams. These lessons give you the tools to go forward and create your own custom beams.

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  • Lessons 1 - 5
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    Free REVIT Videos - Datums, Views, Crop Regions, Scope Boxes and Reference Planes

    I have absolutely no doubt that many people continue to struggle with Datum objects in relation to Views, Crop Regions and Scope Boxes. There are some things that just cannot be explained with words and still diagrams.

    Behold all the answers in this CADclip tutorial series. I thought I knew it all myself until I was challenged in creating these lessons. These videos were produced using REVIT Architecture 2008 but the lessons learned here still apply to date.

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    Free REVIT Videos - Santa Barbara House Kit' with 14 hours of Awesome Training as shown below.

    In this series we will use a ‘work in progress’ approach to develop the series over a period of time.

    Here are the main objectives:

    Custom Families, Clay Tile, Materials, Lighting, Rendering, Cameras, Site and Toposurfaces.

    Utilize a ‘Santa Barbara California’ modeling theme to keep it interesting.

    Drill down into the new Mental Ray Rendering tools and Materials.

    Take advantage of the CADclips supplied Content File which contains ALL the custom families in this series.

    Learn to create the custom families yourself, from scratch.

    We cover everything from Spanish Clay Tile Roofing to Topo Surfaces and Wall Scallops as we dress up the outside of our Santa Barbara models.

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